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Get Up & Go Gym
The Gym program allows you to continue your individual exercise or training program to prevent injury reoccurrence and to further progress your functional abilities after you've completed your rehab program. This program is also meant to support patients with insurance challenges, providing a cost effective alternative to care when insurance runs out or doesn't provide adequate support.

Get Up & Go Golf
The injuries that you may have experienced during your golf career are the same ones that cause golf pros to withdraw from a tournament or miss an important shot. In fact, 65% of all golfers will sustain some type of injury over time. Get Up & Go Golf can help golf enthusiasts obtain and maintain health, fitness and well being - characteristics that are important both on and off the golf course.

Together with your physical therapist Dan Oberneder (right), you will identify physical limitations that may be hindering your potential and create an exercise plan that will not only improve those limitations, but may even propel you to a new level of playing.

Special Programs
SPORT Clinic also hosts continuing education opportunities for therapists, trainers, coaches and athletes.